Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs can be a game-changer for employees and their companies. For far too long, medicine has taken a reactive approach to care, rather than being preventative, and we see the results all around us – an obesity epidemic, rising incidences of depression and frequent illness, diabetes escalating, and so much more. Workplaces suffer as employees fight lethargy, their productivity lags, and absentee days mount.

By implementing a workplace wellness program, employees will have one of the most valuable tools on their side when making life changes – peer support. Wellness programs have been shown to increase engagement and team sentiment in the workplace, while keeping participants more focused on achieving their health goals.

A study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health shows that approximately 60% of employees want their workplaces to be more invested in their wellbeing. Implementing a wellness program can not only increase morale but decrease sick time and boost both productivity and a feeling of community in the workplace. In fact, improving morale and community has also been shown to reduce depression and anxiety throughout the company! Plus, a Virgin Pulse study shows that 85% of employers asked after implementing a wellness program felt that it contributed to greatly improved corporate culture.

Another study shows that, for every dollar invested in wellness and prevention at the workplace, employers recouped on average between $1.40 and $4.60 in medical plan costs and productivity.

Taken further, a well-rounded wellness program including extracurricular workouts and community-building has been shown to improve employee loyalty and retention, meaning companies face less turnover and have more continuity and fewer instances of having to train new staff.

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