Our Solutions: For Healthcare Brokerage Companies

The healthcare brokerage market has suffered a double-whammy of rapid consolidation coupled with double-digit inflation that has seen an exodus of corporate clients. As a result, consolidations that first seemed like a step forward turn out to be the last step before some of these firms shutter due to client loss. To avoid losing clients, they’re often discounting their fees with deep cuts, but this has the obvious adverse effect of reducing profit or causing losses, and that, too, can result in company closures.

But their clients are savvy business people, and they understand that brokerages can result in higher overall costs; hence, they’re cutting out the middleman and negotiating directly with insurance providers for better rates. Again, the fallout for brokerages is considerable.

But we can help.

How Healthcare Brokerages Benefit
With costs and efficiencies being huge factors in whether brokerages thrive or fail, our variety of products, from wellness programs and healthcare analytics to remote consultations and even on-site doctor visits, can help keep those insured billables at a minimum cost, while increasing efficiency and conveniences for your clients. Talk to us about how we can customize our offerings to help you.