Our Solutions: For Companies

Yearly, firms face insurance premium increases that can hit double-digits for several reasons, including employees simply trying to use all their benefits.

This can have many consequences – increased costs in plan administration, higher expenses for providing benefits, needing to reduce allowable coverage, and potentially endless budget adjustments. Then there are even extremes like changing to a less expensive (for now) insurance provider and the possibly unplanned incidentals that come from adopting a new plan – from the challenges of announcing the new program through to administrative time lost in addressing employee concerns regarding the new plan, and beyond.

But we can help.

By making us your employees’ first point of contact on medical needs, we can resolve an average of over 75% of all issues remotely through phone- and app-based consultations. This means a huge reduction in hospital and clinic visits. Fewer tests, less time away from work, and a considerable drop in insurance billings, and that all adds up to big savings.

With our physicians taking calls 24/7, employees can even contact us in the wee hours before work for a diagnosis, giving them a stress-free green light to attend work, or possibly instructing them to stay home to avoid bringing something highly contagious to the office.

How Employees Benefit
By easily scheduling a call through our app-based system, employees can receive consultations while they work, or after hours in the privacy of their home, all without the hassle of visiting an office. Because we believe in expediency and providing the best care we can while not trying to rack up unneeded insurance billings, we only administer tests that are essential, and prescribe when pharmaceuticals are the best course of action.

But, best of all, using our system means employees aren’t hit by co-pay fees or insurance deductibles, since the online visit is covered under the company plan. This means some cash-strapped employees get care they may have otherwise avoided, and the company gets a healthier, more productive team.

How Companies Benefit
Without needing to leave the office to consult a physician, you’ll see a drop in sick time. Beyond that, our services will keep your insurance billings reasonable, likely reducing them considerably too. With online diagnoses reducing the need for unnecessary tests or excess prescriptions, these also keep claims to a minimum, which benefits everyone – from the patients being saved costly co-pays, and you saving on plan administration fees, right through to the claims load faced by your insurers. There’s a morale-boost factor as well. Without employees worrying about whether they can take time off for a doctor visit, or whether they can take the financial hit from a co-pay fee, employees know they have a medical expert a short call away who’ll tell them what’s going on with their health. Such peace of mind is invaluable and often leads to increased productivity and lower distraction with your team.