Other Services

If it’s not an initial consultation you’re after, we have other services:

A Trusted Second Opinion
There’s a lot riding on your health, and we get it. When it comes to a diagnosis, we understand it’s difficult to take an opinion at face-value. If you’d like a second opinion, we can help. Whether you’re sure there’s something wrong despite test results suggesting otherwise, or you’ve got nerves about agreeing to an invasive surgery, we’ve got doctors and surgeons ready to take a second look. Our panel of experts serve distinguished institutions like Johns Hopkins Medicine and they’re ready to serve you, too.

Medication Delivery
When you’re fighting to stay functional, or you’re in desperate need of recovery time, running errands to a pharmacy might be the last thing you need. We’ll arrange local delivery of your prescriptions, so you can do whatever you need to do, without the hassle of waiting for orders to get filled.

Physician Follow-Up
Whether you’ve had surgery recently or you’re already on the road to recovery from other conditions, we understand how helpful it is to just check in and see if your experience is as to be expected. From strange little aches and pains to odd skin reactions, a lot can happen on the journey to recovery and it can be unsettling if you’re not sure whether it’s part of the experience. Checking in for a physician follow-up allows you to ask questions and get an assessment that’ll give you peace of mind, or even let you know when intervention might be needed.