How it Works

Our services are accessed remotely wherever you are, both through telephone calls and our dedicated smartphone app (for both iOS and Android). Using the app allows for more comprehensive consultations enhanced with video calls and photos as needed, but the strictly-telephone option will help you in a jam when there’s a poor data signal or no WiFi.

Once you’ve installed our free app, it’s time to open a membership and get an account. This, too, is no charge. You’ll only pay once you start a consultation.

To secure an appointment, you simply request a consultation and we’ll connect you with the right professional. Then, you’ll get an appointment time, and all you need do is have your phone ready when that appointment rolls around.

Pro Tip: If heading out on vacation or a work trip, we recommend installing our app before you leave home and activating a membership free of charge then too. That way, if you need our services, it’s one less thing to worry about. Open the app, connect, and go!