Chronic Conditions Management

For chronic diseases and other constant issues faced by some patients, we offer life made simpler by not having to visit a doctor’s office for every little thing. For routine check-ins, prescriptions, and condition management, our physicians help patients feel more in control of their health challenges. For issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and so on, there are many benefits for patients simply connecting with a doctor when they have concerns, rather than enduring the struggle of making an office visit.

We also offer Chronic Conditions Management Programs for corporations looking to help their employees stay healthier for the long-run. In so doing, on-site visits can supplement app-guided consultations for 24/7 access when they need off-hours advising or care. Medications can be discreetly delivered to the office so employees don’t have to leave work or schedule an extra chore into their day. Follow-up calls and routine check-ins keep patients proactive, rather than being reactive, to their conditions – ensuring better health and morale. Whether it’s diet management for reducing symptoms or exercises for controlling pain, you’d find that easier, reliable access to physicians makes a world of difference in managing chronic conditions.

And, of course, there’ll be no co-pay fees or deductible grief for employees when this plan is integrated at a corporate level.