About Us

Wellness is our passion and technology our strength. With both in mind, we’ve developed a global medical solution supported by partners throughout the Americas, China, the Middle East, and the UK. Our team of dedicated medical experts excels in caring for day-to-day issues and even assisting in complex diagnoses that may need comprehensive home healthcare solutions. We offer services for individuals right through to corporations, delivering superior care, no matter who we serve.

With our online and mobile-assisted service models, we deliver great health wherever you are, whenever. In a 24/7/365 life, your healthcare shouldn’t be confined to 9 to 5. With us, it won’t be. And when you’re under the weather, the last thing you should do is commute to an office and suffer through a waiting room or have to deal with filling prescriptions.

Wherever you are, we can be too. Maybe you’re working overtime while coming down with something, or your child caught a bad rash on your Latin American vacation. Perhaps you need a prescription but don’t want to end your weekend movie marathon. Whatever the case, our licensed doctors are on call day or night to talk to you anywhere around the world, at your convenience. We’ll ease your worries, and if we can’t solve the diagnosis, we’ll help you sort out an in-person consultation.

Our physicians and call center staff have the utmost professionalism and our data centers are secure. We employ multi-lingual physicians trained by top medical schools around the world. These are supported by an international panel of experts from facilities like Johns Hopkins Medicine, standing by to deliver consultations and trusted second opinions when required.

We’re there for you. Let us help.